DIY RV Maintenance

Repairs are an inevitable and sometimes costly part of owning an RV. However, regular upkeep may reduce the frequency of needed repairs. Here, RV owners will learn a few tips to help them stay on the road in Loomis, CA.

Inspect the Roof Coating

An RV’s roof is exposed to sunlight on most days, and in some places, snow may cover it for a few months out of the year. Even a small leak may cause significant damage if preventive maintenance is not done.

RV roof coatings vary by manufacturer. No matter which type you have, it’s important to inspect the roof at least once per year to prevent the coating from drying out and deteriorating.

When it’s possible, keep the RV out of the sun. Roof-mounted items, like satellite dishes and antennas, will have sealant around mounting hardware and penetration points. Check the sealant and replace it if it’s missing or dehydrated.

Check Door and Window Seals

Water leaks are, for most who make purchases from an RV dealer in CA, one of the worst things that could happen. A leak in a ceiling or wall may go unseen until the damage is done, leading to structural damage and mold growth.

Before long-term storage and before RV season, do a detailed inspection of the vehicle’s door and window seals looking for deteriorated areas. Use a small tool to check the areas around inside openings for missing materials and soft spots.

Service the Water Heater

While hot water isn’t a necessity, most of us take it for granted. RV water heaters are basic systems that provide great convenience but require regular maintenance for trouble-free operation.

Flush and drain the water heater at least once a year using a flush wand to clean the tank. While it’s empty, check the condition of the tank and its anode rod, looking for signs of impending failure.

Check the Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings are another item that may go unnoticed. These parts are subjected to constant movement and high heat, which increases the chances of a malfunction. Preventive maintenance is faster, easier, and less expensive than replacement, which is usually not a DIY task.

Before hitting the road for the first time in the season, check your RV’s wheel bearings and pack them with grease if needed. Bearing grease breaks down with time, so it’s important to make sure it’s still doing its job.

Inspect the Tires

Of all the items on this list, RV tires require the most preventive maintenance. When you’re on the road, it’s best to check them at least once per day. Though it may not cost much to replace one tire, the cost of repairing the damage done to the side and undercarriage of the RV by blown tires adds up quickly.

Proper tire inflation is crucial, so be sure to keep a portable inflater on hand. During travel times, check tire pressure at the beginning of the day and occasionally thereafter. Keep your RV’s tires covered when the vehicle is not in use, and consider using a UV-blocking treatment to prevent deterioration. Finally, be sure to drive within the suggested load and speed rating for the tires.

Monitor Humidity

Another potentially hidden problem, humidity may lead to major issues if it’s left untreated. Some of the most popular camping spots are in humid, hot areas. Proper airflow minimizes the buildup of moisture, so open windows and doors when possible.

Use the fans and roof vents to keep air circulating, and consider upgrading the roof vents for better bidirectional airflow. If you’re in a humid area, a portable dehumidifier may prevent some issues.

Protect the RV From the Sun

Everyone loves the sun, but too much of a good thing can be dangerous for owners and their RVs. Direct sunlight fades paint, dehydrates fiberglass, and damages decals. Yearly waxing protects the outside of an RV from road grime, insects, and damaging UV rays. When you’re off the road, consider covering your RV or parking in a shaded area.

Put it Up for the Winter

No one wants to store their RV for the winter, but it’s a great time to perform preventive maintenance that minimizes the need for spring and summer repairs. With a seasonal checklist, you won’t miss a single important winterization task.

RV Maintenance Ensures Trouble-Free Operation

Preventive RV maintenance helps owners save money on repairs and ensures hassle-free trips. It’s also a great way for an owner to learn about their vehicle’s systems and become comfortable with simple repairs. If you need help, count on us for the highest-quality RV service near Rocklin, CA. Call or click today to book an appointment.

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