Factors That Affect the Lifespan of an RV

Recreational vehicles are exceptional choices for snowbirds who love to travel the country when the seasons change. These vehicles are great for everyday use or when traveling for a vacation, and many owners save hundreds of dollars every year by using RVs instead of booking hotel rooms. The purchase of an RV requires potential buyers to review specific elements of the RV to ensure it meets their needs. Here are certain factors that affect the lifespan of an RV.  

Why You Should Use Covers for Your RV

The recreational vehicle’s body must remain a great shape to retain its value. Previous owners that have used vehicle covers when they weren’t driving their RV have mitigated common risks to the vehicles. Some owners place their recreation vehicle’s in storage when they’re not using the vehicles to protect the RV against the elements. However, using a vehicle cover is also beneficial in preventing dust and debris from accumulating on the RV body. Keeping it cleaner prevents possible paint or body damage, and owners get more from their investment. Speak to a salesperson at a dealership to learn more about a current RV sale

Regular Oil Changes 

All vehicles need an oil change at specific intervals to keep the recreational vehicles performing as expected. When looking for a recreational vehicle, buyers want to know if the previous owner set up oil changes regularly to maintain the vehicle’s engine. Any used RVs purchased by dealerships undergo oil changes and engine assessments. A history of consistent oil changes and servicing means the engine won’t show signs of wear and tear for many years, and some engines last far longer if the owner ensures that old oil doesn’t remain in the engine.  

Rotating and Replacing Tires

Mechanics and auto experts recommend rotating tires at least once every 5,000 miles. Rotations allow even wear and tear on each tire and ensure that the tires last longer, and the owner doesn’t have to buy new tires too frequently. However, if there are significant signs of wear and tear, the tires should be replaced. When an RV dealer sells used vehicles, they assess the tires for any signs of damage. Some buyers can get new tires when purchasing a used RV. 

Flushing the Radiator and Testing for Leaks

Radiators must control the engine temperature, and if there is any damage, the part requires replacement services. Mechanics flush radiators to inspect them for signs of damage and to remove old and outdated coolants. If there are any signs of a leak, a mechanic must repair the leak or replace the radiator altogether. An RV dealer in Rocklin, CA, has the radiator inspected in all used RVs to find out if there are any existing problems in the radiator or if any related parts need to be replaced. 

Cleaning The Interior of the RV 

The interior of the RV should stay clean to maintain upholstery and all appliances in the vehicle. Dealerships that buy previously owned RVs to sell to customers have the vehicles professionally detailed and cleaned to ensure that they are fresh and clean for the next owner. A professional cleaning uncovers any interior damage and removes harmful substances from the RV.  

Testing the Electrical System 

The electrical system is critical for an RV. Owners must have adequate electrical systems in the RV to connect to local power supplies when the owner sets up the RV for their vacation. All electrical installations such as the stove, HVAC, and lighting must work as expected. A dealership will conduct tests for all RVs on their lot and ensure everything works properly for the new owner.  

Maintaining the Plumbing for the Bathroom

The bathroom should accommodate the RV users effectively, and the plumbing system requires inspections to prevent any unwanted surprises for buyers. The entire plumbing system is tested for quality, and any damaged connections are replaced to give buyers an RV that accommodates their family on any road trip.  

Cleaning Flooring and Furniture Installed in the RV

By cleaning the flooring and furniture, the installations last longer and won’t become damaged easily. Buyers can tell if these installations were maintained by walking through the RVs now.  

Where to Get Recreational Vehicles

At Bill Eads RV, we offer new and used recreational vehicles for all buyers. New recreational vehicles come with warranties and service plans, but our used RVs are certified and tested for quality. If you are ready to buy a new or used recreational vehicle, come by for a visit and browse our current inventory.

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