New VS Used RV – What to Consider Before Buying

Getting ready to buy an RV should be an exciting experience, and it generally is. Future explorers and vacationers investigate different types of RVs, amenities, and extra features and brainstorm solutions for meeting their unique needs, but things can get stressful when it’s time to turn that dream of RV living into a reality.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the options out there or narrowing down the search so much that it’s impossible to find the right RV, buyers should start at the beginning. The first question they need to answer is whether to buy used or new RVs. This article will offer all the information required to make an informed decision.

Pricing Differences

This may seem obvious but used RVs tend to be less expensive, which means they might be easier to fit into a family or couple’s tight budget. That said, it’s never wise to just go for the cheapest option available, and used RVs don’t always make the best investments. That said, setting a fixed budget before getting serious about finding the right RV can make it much easier to choose between buying a new RV and going for a used model.

Financing Options

New RVs are generally easier to finance than used models, and buyers can typically secure better terms for their loans. Used RV loans tend to have higher interest rates and down-payment requirements and they’re generally not as flexible when it comes to term length options. Anyone who wants to finance an RV purchase, whether the vehicle is new or used, should shop around for loans before signing on the dotted line.

Availability of Features

Most RV buyers have lists of both necessary and desirable features. There are hundreds of choices available, so the chances are good that with a high enough budget, buyers will be able to find the right floor plans, color schemes, and amenities in a new RV. Buying used is more limiting since there’s no way to customize a used RV and there may not be as wide of a selection at local dealerships.

Manufacturer Support

Used RVs aren’t just more likely to break down and need new parts. They’re also harder to repair since it can be difficult to find parts for older models. There are, however, plenty of ways around this problem. Buyers can purchase their motorhomes from a dealership that also offers RV service, and they can research the manufacturer to make sure it’s a reputable brand with plenty of staying power. It’s also relevant to note here that new RVs produced by small, startup manufacturers could wind up causing the same problems a few years down the line.

Renovation Capabilities

There has been a trend among RV enthusiasts in recent years to purchase used RVs with the intention of renovating them, but the process isn’t as easy as it seems. If buyers want to take a DIY approach to RV customization, it obviously makes no sense to purchase a new RV just to start ripping things out. Buyers should be honest with themselves about their capabilities because it takes a lot of work, equipment, and specialized knowledge to turn an older model into a comfortable space.

Intended Plans

Where future owners plan to camp may not seem like a relevant concern at first, but it is. Some campgrounds have strict policies regarding the types of RVs they allow through the gate, and campgrounds that place restrictions typically allow only newer units. In this case, buying new can help people prevent issues when they head to their favorite campgrounds or start exploring new ones.

There’s Not a Right or Wrong Answer

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether to buy a new RV or a used model. Buyers need to spend some time figuring out their unique priorities before heading to the dealer. It can also help to work with an RV dealer that sells both new and used models, which allows buyers access to the widest possible array of choices. A good RV dealer will also have sales and customer service representatives on staff to help buyers choose the right motorhome to meet their needs and budgets.

Get Help Finding the Right RV

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