RV Upgrade and Modification Ideas

Recreational vehicles are extraordinary options for traveling with the family, everyone can stay in the RV instead of a hotel. Travelers can save a lot of money on travel expenses and hotel fees during trips. Recreational vehicle dealers offer a variety of upgrades and modifications for new and used recreational vehicles, and new owners get their heart’s desire with their purchase. 

If the individuals who own an RV, the dealership offers upgraded options for owners to improve their RV and the adding luxury to their vehicle. These upgrades improve comfort for the owner and their family. If the owner wants to set up the modifications, dealerships are ready to help, or the owner has the option to upgrade to another RV, such as one of our used Winnebago for sale. Below are a few popular Upgrade options that many RV owners consider

Switch the Out Carpet for Hardwood

Recreation vehicles often have carpeting installed throughout the entire living space, but carpeting is easier to damage and may reduce the value of the vehicle. In addition, torn carpets also create tripping hazards. Hardwood is a better flooring choice for a recreation vehicle, and the flooring is easier to maintain. Hardwood floors are more sustainable than carpeting. A local RV dealer offers these modifications and upgrades for recreational vehicles. 

Upgrade Your Mattress

The bedrooms come with factory beds and mattresses, but some mattresses aren’t as comfortable. Many RV owners choose to replace the mattress with memory foam. New mattresses are more comfortable and offer a better night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses have a cooling gel that adjusts to the person’s body temperature, and they won’t get too hot in the summer when traveling. 

Install A Backup Camera

A backup camera helps RV owners back the vehicle safely and without collisions, and the systems have a full-screen display to help navigate the vehicle. Backup cameras show a clear picture of what’s behind the vehicle. Increased safety may provide the owners an opportunity to save money on their insurance premiums, and the cameras show the driver which way to turn when backing up.  

Use Counter Extensions for Meal Prep

The kitchens in recreational vehicles are sometimes not very spacious, especially in older models, and the owners may want upgrades or modifications. Counter extensions are great kitchen products to give RV owners more kitchen space. By extending the counter space temporarily, the owner has more room to prep their meals and cook more effectively.  

Additional upgrades in the kitchen provide more storage and cooking options, and owners can find new kitchen fixtures at a local dealership. The kitchen changes improve the vibe of the RV and make cooking more convenient. Some options make it easier for the family to cook their meals together. 

Upgrade Storage Bay Locks

Storage bays provide convenient ways to store items needed during the trip, and the owner must find better ways to secure these installations. A new locking system secures all items and prevents breakage due to shifting during the trip. Upgrades could give the owners more space and more advanced technology, and the owner chooses any type of locks they prefer.  

Consider Solar Panels

Solar panels offer a more energy-efficient way to power an RV and create a backup power source, and the owner uses the batteries if they are staying in remote areas without a traditional power source. Solar panels collect energy throughout the day and could power up the RV for many hours. While the panels are expensive to install, the RV owner gets more value from the RV and won’t have to worry about finding an RV park every time they travel. Overall, the upfront cost of the solar panels is worth the benefits the owner gets in return. 

Where to Get RV Services 

At Bill Eads RV, we offer new and used recreational vehicles for everyday use and to meet spontaneous travel demands. Our dealership offers exceptional services to modify and upgrade RVs. We have a long history of providing amazing RVs at affordable prices. To learn more about our services, come by for a visit now.

Recreational vehicles are terrific choices for traveling the world or taking short vacations, and owners get everything they need in one vehicle. Modifications and upgrades improve older and new models. The owners get wonderful opportunities through dealerships, such as upgraded mattresses for the beds, counter extensions for the kitchen, and improved locking mechanisms for the RV. 

Whether the owner is a snowbird or wants to take trips with loved ones, recreational vehicles and all their amenities accommodate these desires. RV owners can improve their vehicles and vacations with luxury upgrades. To learn more about these changes and services, contact Bill Eads RV now.

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