Top 10 Weekend Warriors Tips

There’s nothing more exciting than a quick weekend getaway. With some planning, it’s possible to transition from the office to the open road without an anxiety attack along the way. Many weekend warrior tips can help to ease the stress, especially when traveling around holiday times and seasonal dates. The suggestions simplify things for a seamless switch from work to play.

The key to eliminating stress during RV travel is organization. From packing the clothes to prepping the meals and even choosing the destination, preparation during the week reduces last-minute panic. Create a list early in the week and follow through with it. An organized person will return from a weekend trip rested and ready to head back to the office. 

Tip 1. Find an RV That Fits Your Lifestyle

To become a weekend warrior, an individual should begin by visiting an RV dealer in Rocklin, CA, to find the perfect recreational vehicle. There are many different models to choose from so take the time to check out several options before purchasing one. 

The Cricket Camper comfortably sleeps two adults and up to two children. It has a large kitchen workspace, and most four-cylinder vehicles can easily tow it. The five insulated acrylic windows and the five mesh windows allow a breeze to move throughout every corner for maximum comfort.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie offers another option that’s suited for weekend adventures. Depending on the model, most can sleep between 3 – 5 people. This RV has sliders that expand the indoor space. Best of all, the Minnie has lots of storage space.

Tip 2. Check the Weather and Pack Accordingly

Don’t let a less than sunny day put a damper on the plans. Be aware of changes in the weather, and go with the flow. Don’t let rain be a deterrent. Pack some waterproof clothes, and plan activities to do indoors. Of course, board games, puzzles, and watching movies in the RV are always fun options. 

Tip 3. Extend the Weekend Whenever Possible

Many people have vacation and personal time that goes unused at work. With a bit of creative planning, scheduling an extra day off can stretch out the time for that weekend escape. A Friday or Monday will allow more time for attending fun events nearby. An additional day may allow time to travel farther away or make it possible to be present at a concert or show that you want to see.

Tip 4. Simplify Meal Planning 

When preparing for meals, consider picking up food items for the weekend and the week ahead. Have a shopping list ready, and go to the store the day before leaving. Simple meals allow more time for exploring the sights around the campground. Cereal, oatmeal, and hot coffee are satisfying for breakfast. Sandwich fixings or a hearty salad are easy to prepare for lunch. For dinner, eat out or grill burgers outdoors. Remember, this is your time. Don’t get hung up cooking and cleaning. 

Tip 5. Make a Reservation

Popular campgrounds fill up quickly, especially at seasonal campgrounds. Make a reservation to avoid problems upon arrival. Prices vary at each location, but a lot depends on the services provided. Don’t automatically assume that a place is out of your budget.  

Tip 6. Don’t Leave Packing for the Last Minute

Wash clothes and pack necessary items during the week. Don’t leave everything for the day of the getaway. It’s much easier and more relaxing to have everything ready ahead of time. 

Tip 7. Stay Within a Limited Area

Staying close to home allows for more relaxation time. It also lets you attend mandatory events for children or friends while away from home. A commitment on the calendar can still work out with a bit of forethought. 

Tip 8. Leave Work at the Office

Weekend warriors want personal time away from work responsibilities. Turn off the cell phone and computer. The office can wait until you get back. 

Tip 9. Ask for a Late Checkout Time

Feel free to ask the campground for a late checkout time. Many places are happy to accommodate this request if they don’t have someone waiting on the site you’re using.

Tip 10. Everyone Helps With Unpacking

When everyone pitches in with unpacking the RV, it’s not a chore at all. Put the dirty clothes in the washer and order a pizza to be rested and ready for the workweek. 

Learn Everything About an RV Before Purchasing One

Bill Eads RV has helped people find the perfect RV since 2007. We value customer privacy and never resort to high-pressure sales tactics. We welcome anyone who wishes to come and check out our inventory.

Reclaim personal time and be ready for whatever adventure lies ahead. Weekend warriors know how to live life to the fullest. RV life is full of opportunities, so make the most of it.

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