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Enjoy The Upgraded Features Of A New RV

RV buyers want improved features for their recreational vehicles, and the latest designs and models do not disappoint. The latest features for recreational vehicles make living on the road amazing and travelers across the country are opting for new features. These upgrades provide all the comforts of home and brilliant choices for snowbirds and anyone who prefers their RV to hotel rooms.

Pet-Friendly Installations Throughout

Newer recreational vehicles have interior designs specifically for pet owners. The new installations include a dedicated dog bed, kennel space, and hidden bowl drawers. The vehicle also has leash latches on the exterior of the RV for keeping dogs safer when outside. The flooring designs are far more durable and won't succumb to scratching or gouging. These features are extraordinary for pet owners especially if they have larger dogs that travel with them.

HVAC Vents In the Walls

The newer designs do not have ductwork and vents in the flooring that could accumulate dirt and other debris inside the ductwork. The recent models have vents installed into the walls that keep the air ducts cleaner. The new installation option could also prevent pet hair and dander from falling into the vents, cutting down the likelihood of foul odors. It will also reduce seasonal cleaning requirements and HVAC maintenance tasks. Buyers can review a new RVwith these features by visiting the dealership.

Hidden Dining Tables In Living Room Spaces

With the latest RV selections, there are hidden dining spaces installed in the living room spaces, and they will save a lot of room for the owner. Travelers can set up the tables when they need them, and once they are done eating, the table and bench fold up into a hidden compartment.

Improved Queen Beds and Bunk Beds for Kids

New RV features include updated bedroom designs and larger than average beds. Most RV models come with at least queen-sized beds that are comfortable and give the owner a great night's sleep. Parents can also get additional sleeping options such as bunk beds for their kids. When reviewing the bedrooms, the owner can choose from a larger variety of beds and sleeping options.

Larger Bathroom Installations

The bathrooms have increased in size and give buyers far more options these days. The owner can choose from bathrooms that are connected to a corner of the RV design to improve privacy. They could also choose walk-through bathrooms that require the owner to walk through the bathroom to get to the bedroom. The bathrooms are not as closed in as they were before, and the owners can choose the size according to their preferences.

Kitchen Designs With Slide Out Features

Many owners want more counter space in the kitchen especially if they love to cook and entertain. Some RV models offer slide-out features that give the owner a complete island in their kitchen for meal preparation. The installations provide for more space and extraordinary options for cooking and entertaining guests in the recreational vehicle. Buyers can find RVs with extra features that give everyone plenty of space.

Where to Get an RV

Bill Eads RV has an impressive inventory of new and used recreational vehicles for travelers and snowbirds. Our inventory includes newer models with extraordinary luxury features that make life on the road far more enjoyable. We have a long history of providing high-quality new and used recreational vehicles and superior customer service to Davis and the surrounding areas. Buyers who want to shop for the newest RVs or want to discuss financing are welcome to come in for a visit and chat with our staff today!

RV buyers visit dealerships to find incredible recreational vehicles for traveling and everyday living. The latest models offer upgraded HVAC vents that do not require additional seasonal cleaning and pet-friendly features that accommodate pets of all sizes. New models have fun kitchen options for RV owners, and they include folding dining tables and benches as well as islands that retract from hidden spaces.

Local dealerships provide brilliant choices for RV buyers who want new luxury features. The current inventory includes amazing choices for travelers who use their RV when traveling only and snowbirds that want to live in their RV all year long. The selections provide everything owners could want in an RV model and give them magnificent living spaces. By visiting the dealership, the buyers can find the perfect recreational vehicle for their living or traveling needs.

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